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With her different projects spanning many genres, from electronica, to funk, reggae, trip-hop, R&B, or vocal improvisation; Katrina might tell you that her roots reside deep in jazz and blues. She found her mentors while studying at Cornish and gigging around the Pacific Northwest. After performing live and recording for over a decade, Katrina’s resume could read as a long list of name dropping. But, she hardly needs it. She’s graced some of the largest stages in the Northwest, has eight albums under her belt, and has garnered massive respect among peers for her voice and approach to songwriting. She certainly has no fear exploring new genres and material, but seems to always find a home back with her piano and voice. Even if it’s just for a moment to breathe between her other projects.


Some of Katrina’s performances and compositions can be heard with: Purr Gato, BowieVision, Good Co, Seattle Rock Orchestra, Levels of Movement, Klozd Sirkut, ELYXR, Jazz Underground, Soul Kata, The Blood Moon Orchestra, Solo using Ableton and of course, any of her jazz ensembles.

Keep an eye out for new music in 2021. Due to the Pandemic, music endeavors have been shifted from performing to recording. Katrina has been working on a solo album, finishing up the next Purr Gato Album, and collaborating with Kuroneko, DJ Martini, Marmalade, Markus Von Prause from Surrealized and many others.

"What a beautiful voice"

                                                             - John Legend

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